What's My Why?

At the start of my journey. I had no clue what the f*ck I was doing. I didn’t have a mission or long term vision.

After leaving high school and starting in the world of business initially with selling products online, then starting an agency, and then social media, I just kept doing what most would define as

“Crazy” or “Risky”

AND they kept telling me I was…


Now, I’ve gotten to the point of becoming a millionaire, running multiple of my own companies, and having equity in other large businesses that make me millions a year in both, equity and cash.

The best part being; I have the privilege to have a loyal audience of 3,000,000+ followers counting across my social media, and get to film cool stuff to share with this audience.

At this point in my life. I can confidently say. This shit is not just “luck”.

It’s a lot of things, LUCK being one of them, but is way more than that.

That leads me to confidently saying, from when I started to now, I truly do have a mission.

My mission is to teach young adults and anyone who hasn’t figured out the “make money without a job” life out yet, and guide them to properly do this.

While growing my businesses and portfolio of companies, I’ve invested in allowing myself to grow and continue making an impact on this chunk of dirt.

Who knows where life will take me, all I know is I live and do whatever I want, everyday. That’s more than I can ever ask for.

- Jacob


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