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Updated April 14th

By submitting this Order Form, the undersigned (you) provides clear and unambiguous authorization for ECOMJACOB to process payment using the credit card or payment method details as provided in this Order Form; this authorization extends to all charges related to the services selected and agreed upon as outlined within this form. Access to the services is contingent upon full payment being received.

You understand and agree that once payment is initiated and access to the service is granted, no refunds shall be issued under any circumstances. The act of payment and signing this Order Form constitutes full acceptance of this no refund policy.

ECOMJACOB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel services to any customer for non-payment of fees or for breach of any terms and conditions outlined herein.

The ECOMJACOB Terms of Service, which can be found here, are hereby integrated into and form a part of this Order Form. By completing this order, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of this Order Form and the comprehensive ECOMJACOB Terms of Service.

Your signature and initials on this form signify that you have had an opportunity to access and review all applicable terms and conditions. This acknowledgment forms a legally binding agreement between you and ECOMJACOB.

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