As you have seen and consented to the ECOMJACOB Terms of Service, you will likely recognize some of the provisions in this policy. These terms might appear somewhat like legal jargon, but we request your patience—upholding these standards is crucial to sustaining a platform where everyone can fully engage and enjoy their experience! 

We are committed to your success and firmly believe in the effectiveness of our ecommerce/dropshipping course. We've witnessed numerous students achieve remarkable results when they fully commit to the program. As such, we have established a stringent refund policy to ensure that our students dedicate sufficient time and effort to implement our strategies effectively.

ECOMJACOB strives to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of our purchase and payment procedures. This refund and chargeback policy provides information about the chargeback processes associated with the initial purchase and subsequent access to our course and assets.

NON-REFUNDABLE PURCHASE. Our organization takes great pride in delivering top-tier service and quality educational resources to our customers. As such, our refund policy reflects the resources and time we commit to each customer upon their registration.

Our no refund policy is due to the following: 

  • Immediate Resource Allocation: As soon as a customer enrolls in a course, our team begins allocating significant resources to ensure a smooth and beneficial learning experience. This includes the provisioning of digital materials, securing access to our learning platform, and potentially the reservation of tutor or instructor time. As these resources are immediately allocated upon enrollment, we do not offer refunds once a customer signs up;
  • Limited Availability: Our courses are designed to cater to a limited number of students to maintain high-quality, personalized attention and support. Once a slot is taken, it may prevent other potential learners from benefiting from the course. Therefore, to ensure fairness and optimal resource distribution, refunds are not provided after a commitment has been made.
  • Course Intellectual Property: Upon enrollment, customers gain access to proprietary educational materials and content. This immediate access to our intellectual property, which includes but is not limited to course outlines, video materials, and supplementary resources, is a fundamental reason why we cannot offer refunds.
  • Costs of Providing Services: The running of an online learning platform like ECOMJACOB incurs considerable overhead costs, such as server maintenance, content creation, staff salaries, and various other operational expenses. These costs are calculated based on the number of active students and are incurred from the moment of enrollment.


We understand that circumstances can change, and we aim to be as flexible as possible within the constraints of our business model. However, due to the reasons outlined above, we maintain a no-refund policy once a customer has enrolled in a course. We encourage all potential students to consider their schedules and commitment levels before purchasing a course.

Action-based Refund.

This Action-based Refund policy provides potential eligibility for a refund based on specific conditions. Depending on the services purchased from ECOMJACOB, you may be eligible for an action-based refund if certain criteria are met:

  1. Completion of a Minimum 90-Day Period: You must have actively participated in the course for a minimum of 90 days from the date of enrollment. Success in ecommerce takes time and dedication, and we want to ensure you have given yourself ample opportunity to apply the knowledge and see results. 
  2. 100% Course Completion: You should have completed 100% of the course curriculum, including all modules and quizzes. This comprehensive approach ensures that you have absorbed all the crucial information necessary for your ecommerce journey. 
  3. Testing of 3-5 Products: Implement our strategies by testing a minimum of 3-5 different products in your ecommerce store. Proper testing and analysis are essential to determine the viability of your products and improve your chances of success. 
  4. Minimum Advertising Expenditure: You must have invested a minimum of $150 on advertising for each of the tested products. Adequate advertising spend allows for significant data collection and analysis to make informed decisions. 
  5. Active Participation in Group Calls: Attend most group calls scheduled during the 120-day period. These calls provide valuable insights, exclusive tips, and a supportive community to help you thrive in the ecommerce space. 
  6. Demonstration of Effort: Show evidence of genuine effort in implementing the course strategies. We understand that results may vary, but we expect you to have demonstrated a sincere commitment to applying the knowledge and techniques shared in the course by asking questions and participating in group discussions.

If, after meeting the above criteria, you believe you are still not experiencing the anticipated results or have a legitimate reason for seeking a refund, you may request a refund by contacting our support team at or messaging Jacob on discord. Please include relevant documentation and proof of your compliance with the refund eligibility criteria.

Please be aware that requesting a refund does not guarantee its approval or obligate ECOMJACOB to provide a refund.You acknowledge and agree that successfully implementing the ECOMJACOB information and applying the insights to your own e-store involves inherent risks and requires a significant amount of effort on your part. 

Fraud, Theft, and Chargebacks

Fraud refers to any effort to employ deceit or misrepresentation for personal or financial advantage. When users commit fraud against ECOMJACOB, it undermines the procedures that maintain fairness for all, and potentially makes course access, additional materials, and subscriptions more costly for everyone. This equally applies to attempts to monetize access to ECOMJACOB courses through unapproved methods. 

For example, please avoid:

  • Sharing your ECOMJACOB account credentials with another person;
  • Selling or attempting to sell your ECOMJACOB account or access to a course to someone else; 
  • Selling course materials or content outside of the official ECOMJACOB platform;
  • Exchanging course access for forms of compensation; 
  • Purchasing a course from an unauthorized seller; 
  • Circulating methods to deceitfully gain access to ECOMJACOB courses for free;
  • Trying to obtain out-of-policy refunds or compensation from ECOMJACOB support;
  • Implying to other users that you are an ECOMJACOB employee;
  • Falsely presenting yourself as an employee of a course creator or tutor; 
  • Intentionally impersonating another user to incite controversy; and
  • Charging another user for assistance to complete a course or a particular section of a course.

Additional Information pertaining to Chargebacks

When ECOMJACOB encounters a chargeback or credit card dispute, our team collaborates closely with the credit card companies to furnish comprehensive information pertaining to each case:

  • We first determine whether the customer who initiated the dispute submitted their claim before or after the scheduled completion of their course;
  • We may provide necessary data to the credit card customer for each case, including if the course was non-refundable, proof that the course was available, and our Terms of Service; and 
  • If the course was cancelled on, we may share a copy of the cancellation correspondences between the customer and ECOMJACOB.

For the avoidance of doubt, this course is not eligible for a refund. If ECOMJACOB receives a chargeback for an unjustified cancellation, we will dispute the chargeback. As an online education platform, we constantly update our policies to provide customers with more flexibility and control, and to support our community of learners. 



Please note that if you engage in the inappropriate use of a chargeback through your bank, and we subsequently contact the bank to provide evidence that the transaction in question was indeed legitimate, thereby exposing the act as fraud, you will be subject to certain penalties, interest charges, and processing fees. These charges will be calculated to be at least double the amount paid to ECOMJACOB under the applicable agreement, or alternatively, the maximum amount permitted by law. We strongly encourage you to proactively reach out to us prior to initiating a chargeback in order to resolve any disputes, dissatisfactions, or issues pertaining to the Services. It is our sincere belief that open communication and a mutual effort to address concerns will result in a more satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.

Please contact us at  for any questions or concerns. 


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