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My name is Jacob Levinrad

How I went from a High School kid with a 1.3 GPA to dropping out and doing 6 figure months

Welcome To My Life Story

Giving My Passion For Earning Money A Chance

One of my first experiences in business was when I wanted to buy an IO Hawk hoverboard in 2014. At $2000, it was too expensive for me at the time. But my desire for it was so strong that I came up with a plan to get one. With my mother's help, I searched Ali Baba and found a supplier willing to send me a sample for $300. I pretended to make a large order and requested a sample. The supplier sent me the hoverboard, and I was ecstatic.

With the hoverboard in hand, I ordered five more from the same supplier and sold them at double the price to my friends. This experience gave me an adrenaline rush and sparked my interest in making money.

My First Business Investment In 2016

In 2016, during 9th grade, I started saving lunch money and making small deals to earn as much money as possible and by the end of the year, I had saved enough to buy a golf cart for $1000 from craigslist which to this day I think was originally stolen from a golf course. Since few people were using cars to commute to school, I used the golf cart to give rides to friends and earn money.

Back To Back Urge to Earn More

As I focused more on my business pursuits, my grades started to decline. I was having too much fun and not enough focus on my schoolwork. My school was not understanding of my skipping classes to pursue parties.

The First Fail

In 2017, I turned to YouTube videos for business inspiration. I started my sneaker business in 10th grade, motivated by the money and independence I could earn. Unfortunately, the business failed as I sold fake Yeezy shoes and it damaged my reputation. Despite this setback, I was still determined to be successful in business. My next move was selling Supreme and being more careful and discerning in my choices.

Working Hard And Smart.

As I continued to work hard and smart, I was confident I would find the right opportunity to make a real difference. Money was important to me, but I also wanted to make a positive impact on the world. With this in mind, I pursued my dreams and worked towards building a successful future.

As my interest in the practical world grew stronger, school became less interesting to me. I was not learning much from it and lost focus. By the end of the third trimester, my grades were disastrous.

Instagram, Fortnite, And E-commerce.

I created an Instagram account to generate revenue from the e-commerce industry. I leveraged the trend of Fortnite and started selling products related to the game. With the help of my Instagram account, I made some decent money, this was the first time I truly realized I may not need school to succeed.

The Big Failure

Then, I encountered my first failure. It was when I started my first e-commerce store that sold Victory Royale cases for the game Fortnite. I initially had orders coming in, but my page got disabled, and I was never able to get it back. But I believe that setbacks are not necessarily failures; it depends on how you perceive and handle them. In my case, it pushed me to work even harder.

Realizing The Worth Of Earning Money and Maintaining A Young Man's Career

I also had an opportunity to manage my brother's Instagram page that was focused on lifestyle. He paid me $2000 to manage it for two weeks. I jumped at the chance and it was with his guidance and support that we created a viral method, and the account started gaining hundreds of thousands of followers and making me tons of money. This success further fueled my passion and dedication for business.

However, my focus on business caused me to neglect school, and I eventually was thinking of dropping out. The decision was nerve-wracking, but I had a clear vision and mission for my future. I took the opportunity to explore the world and different business ventures, including various e-commerce drop shipping stores, a clothing brand, this list goes on… I also started using paid ads like Facebook to help me market my businesses.

By June 2018, I completely stopped going to school and did not even have the slightest regret. However, I did plan on doing my finals.

The last week of school/Finals had come. I entered the hall, got my paper, wrote my name and the date, and returned the exam to the teacher after realizing I knew none of the info and It would be a waste to do it. Of course, the teacher gave me a zero, and I drove home without realizing that would be the last time I ever went to that school.

Now that I was out of school I had one clear mission. To learn, try, fail, and repeat. All I did daily for a good 2 years was try and fail so many different things as I mentioned above. I didn’t do much other than work and lost a lot of my friends. Just stuck with my core guys that I still talk with to this day.

Dropshipping was my main thing that was working with me, but facebook ad bans made doing anything past 50k/month extremely difficult. So to keep busy I was still helping my brother with his Instagram business as his partner.

New Idea, New Opportunity, New Business

I started working with my brother and we went on a trip to Beverly Hills to work for his new client, unfortunately, we lost the client 3 weeks later. Despite the disappointment, I didn't let it demotivate me, I continued exploring more ventures and opened my mind to various possibilities.

On February 18, 2019, I really focused on e-commerce drop shipping and got a store up to 700K In revenue only for it to get shut down by payment processors as my customer support was terrible which led to chargebacks and me not being able to accept payments. It's important to understand that no success story is a straight path up, there are always setbacks and obstacles that you have to overcome. Before the shutdown, I made an irresponsible mistake of buying a Rolex for investment, which wasn't a wise decision because a watch is not ideal for investment. I knew only to move forward though and kept testing products and doing my best. I had saved up some money at this point so I was feeling good.

I continued to hustle, but not too much as my 17-18 years I slowed down a bit and wasn’t as focused. Just the knockback I had from that store shutdown demotivated me a bit, not to mention I was 17 with tens of thousands, a BMW, and a rolex.

At that time I knew I was so ahead of my current circle.

On August 19, 2020, I remembered it as if it was yesterday, it was my last night with my high school friends before they all left for their gap years, But everything happens for a reason, and in this case, I'm glad things worked out the way they did. If I didn't drop out, I would have missed out on some important life lessons like experiencing the practical world at a young age and earning money.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that money is everything. But it is vital, and it's something that we should all learn sooner before graduating. Once my friends left I decided too. I moved out in October of 2019 and it was a huge turning point in my life and realizing my true potential.

At this time I also started social media and my E Learning company as I realized people wanted to learn from me and my experience thus far in life.

My First Apartment

I was able to rent my first apartment in Miami through my hard work and focus. It was a 3 bedroom on the beach, a truly amazing spot.  Having my place with my hard-earned income while traveling and working on my businesses was an unparalleled feeling I’ll never forget that motivated me a ton and still does to this day.

In the late 2020s, I scaled 2 stores during Q4, on top of that my coaching business was taking off and growing as I was gaining hundreds of thousands of Tik Tok followers. I decided to move into Brickell, Miami to truly dive into the real world and meet people like me to help me see what was possible. My dog and I moved to the tallest building in Miami with an apartment I dreamed of having a few years back.

At this point I saw so much ahead of me, supercars downstairs, yachts in the ocean I woke up to daily, this was the correct place for me at that time as it showed me what was possible and reminded me how little of ‘financial success” I had achieved.

At this point, I just started to dial in. Full focus on 3 main things:

1. My Marketing agency TokMedia.co
2. My Dropshipping businesses I own / stores I’m partnered on
3. My E Learning company/mentorship and helping students daily

( I broke down on youtube exact income streams in a youtube video )

My Hyper-Focus Mode

In our fast-paced, constantly-connected world, it's more vital than ever to focus and get things done. Hyper-focus mode is a great way to increase productivity and get things done. When you're in a hyper-focus mode, you're completely focused on one task and not easily distracted. I talk about this on Youtube a bit, but this is something I always understood, but still grow year to year at how focused I can get.

Moreover, it helps you get more done quickly, saving money and increasing productivity. It helps you learn new information more effectively and remember it for longer periods. So if you're looking for a way to boost your productivity, you need to be hyper focused because this is what will allow you to truly achieve your goals. You need to genuinely remove everything that takes away from you succeeding.

2021-Letting The Life's Leisure Took Away My Focus Mode.

By May 2021, I had reached a point in my life where I was spending (business expenses) 80K and making 150k-200k each month. I knew that I had worked hard to get to this point and was determined to progress even further. In July 2021, my biggest store/month on a single store ever happened, I had done $130,000 in 31 days. At this point I started enjoying watches more and got a 2nd rolex. The hard work was paying off.

In 2021, I let the leisure of life take away my focus mode. I got caught up in the party scene and went out every weekend, losing sight of my goals. But I learned a valuable lesson and returned to reality, realizing that it's essential to stay focused on my goals. From then on, I make sure to set aside time daily to work on my business, even when I travel.

2022-The Hustle Doesn't End Yet.

2022 was a great year for me, continued on my focus mode of 2021 and overall felt I matured the most I ever had. Some mistakes that didn’t hurt me and only helped me grow combined with my businesses continuing to grow/mature and some amazing people joining my team made this a steady growth type of year and I ended it by buying a Lamborghini Urus which was a nice cherry on top to end the year.

2023-Enjoying the process

2023 I am focused on simply being the healthiest and most optimized version of me I can be to allow peak output to my businesses to stay ahead of the game.

As time goes on I continue to learn and discover so many amazing things. If there was one thing I wish I knew before this whole journey of mine it would be to realize how each and every good and bad is a part of the process. Enjoy it all.

Thank you for reading


Jacob Levinrad

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